Wednesday, 20 August 2014

'Head in the clouds, got no weight on my shoulders...'

Guess what? I've been bored, I've been procrastinating, and I've searched around for a new TV show to watch. And I have a new favourite: Covert Affairs, a spy drama based around the main character of Annie Walker, a talented linguist who joins the CIA after a romance-gone-wrong. Annie is beautiful and stylish and, although she makes mistakes- some big ones at that- she is still a very aspirational figure. She's funny and clever, which I think are always qualities we'd all love to have! It's nice to see a powerful female figure in a TV show who isn't sidetracked by romance in every single episode, and actually goes for seasons without having any major love interests, but instead focuses on her career and relationships with her friends and sister. Also, Auggie Anderson. He is also funny, clever, and oh so beautiful. I would like to work for the CIA too if those are the kind of men you meet. Overall this is a quick paced, fun and interesting TV show, and ok, whilst it isn't highbrow or award winning, it is a gripping watch. Give it a go. 

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