Wednesday, 17 September 2014

'I need something that will wash off this pain...'

I feel like an old woman when saying this, but I am someone who is clinging to her paperback books and will never let go. I love real, solid books, ones that I can take out from the library or buy from the bookstore. Many people around me have Kindles and try to convince me to do the same, but I just can't do it. However there are so many Kindle benefits, the rational part of my brain thinks that it is a good idea to get a Kindle. So let the book v Kindle battle commence...

Pros- lightweight, portable, better for the environment, easy downloads. 
Cons- not an actual book, glare, hard on the eyes. 

Pros- it's a book; you can feel that weight in your hands, turn its pages. You get an experience that with an on screen medium you just don't get.
Cons- heavy, bad for the environment, you have to go to a bookstore/ wait for Amazon delivery. 

When I list them up it sounds as if a Kindle should be better but, really, I prefer a good old fashioned book. I think if I do give into the Kindle love it will be if I go travelling or on a long holiday where I really don't have room in my suitcase for more than one book. 

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