Monday, 15 September 2014

'For the longest time...'

I want to become more chic and French and effortless, but I've realised that, unless I'm reborn a Parisian, I'm probably not going to be able to achieve that without some considerable thinking and hard work. I need to cut down on my wardrobe and get back to basics, and figure out my own exact style, because I don't think that I've quite done that yet. I've decided to conduct an experiment for a little while; when I go back to uni I'll take a very narrow selection of clothes back with me and see how it goes

My capsule wardrobe

1. A white t-shirt, obviously. 
2. Blue jeans.
3. Black jeans (both Topshop Jamie's). 
4. A white shirt.
5. A cream/ camel jumper.
6. A navy jumper. 
7. A black jumper. 
8. Black boots. 
9. A black coat. 
10. A thick knitted scarf. 
11. A large black bag. 
12. A small black bag. 
13. Black trainers. 
14. Silver jewellery. 
15. Something faux leather. 

And there we go, I'm done.

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