Tuesday, 9 September 2014

'Forgotten what I'm fighting for...'

I have a YouTube subscription list of over 100, and counting. But there are always some videos I click on as soon as they come up on my subscription feed. And I've noticed, recently, that the ones I pounce upon my keyboard to hit play on are generally style videos. So here, I thought I'd list those channels I just can't get enough of...

Sunbeams Jess- She's not the most regular uploader, but when she does, it's gold. I enjoy her

Barbara, The Persian Babe- I think I get the most excited when I see that she's posted a video. Her style is flawless and I enjoy seeing her style progression as she matures, you can really see how she changes in each stage of life. She's a great accessorizer (word?) and I love the back to basics mantra she preaches.

Lexi, Fashion Filth/ So Totally Vlog- This girl has an innate sense of style; the way she puts pieces together is one of a kind, and can't be learnt. Her lookbooks are my favourite, providing great inspiration and cool styling tricks.

Sammi, Beauty Crush- Obviously Sammi had to be on this list. She's just so chic and beautiful, she's the kind of girl I stalk on Instagram and just want to be when I grow up. Those legs, that hair, that style. She just has 'it' in spades.

Hey Claire- Claire's simple, edgy style is perfect. Her lookbooks/what I'm wearing videos are always so well filmed and edited, they just up my respect for her whilst providing infinite inspiration.

Bee, Pretty Sickly/I dress myselff- Bee also has that knack for styling that can't be bought or taught. Her week in outfits videos are some of my favourites to watch, and always give me a great amount of outfit ideas.

Hanna, Cocobeautea- she's my newest discovery, and I'm so glad I stumbled across her channel. She rocks that simple, quite monochromatic style I adore and I can't wait to see more of her videos.

So these are my favourite girls for style inspiration on YouTube. What are yours?

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