Friday, 5 September 2014

'Don't you know I'm human too...'

Recently I've noticed a pattern in my clothing choices, and the pictures I choose to pin on Pinterest: an absence of colour. I guess I'm just enjoying a more monochromatic wardrobe right now. I wore a grey and turquoise jumper the other day and felt like I'd vomited the rainbow upon myself. I think it might be the rain and dull weather we're having here in England, but I feel like throwing away all the bright coloured items I own and replacing them with black items interspersed with a few key whites.The only colours I plan on throwing in for winter are navy blue, dark forest green and maybe a few shades of grey (although yes, not technically a colour). Maybe a bit of dark purple if I feel special. 

Here's some monochromatic inspo that I plan on pulling on for winter. 

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