Saturday, 16 August 2014

'Understand all my bright lights...'

Review: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This is a lovely book, and a very easy read. It concerns the fortunes of the four March sisters and their parents, at a key moment in their lives during the American Civil War. The sisters all grow and reveal their true selves over the course of the novel, as they face obstacles, fall in love and choose their careers. Although old fashioned in its highly moralistic output it's very modern in it's portrayal of the four girls and their lives. The four main characters are all very different and all very well drawn; they're individual and flawed and quite honest, which makes the book intensely enjoyable. It also comes across as strangely British, considering it's written by an American author and set in America. I think before reading it I actually thought it was British too, so maybe I was influenced by that. Overall, this is a gripping, funny and humbling read which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

What is it about? Morals, I think: working hard, falling in love, acting with dignity 

Would I recommend? Yes, this is a great (and short) book to read to get into classics. It also reminded me of the importance of hard work, something I've needed on my summer break.

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