Sunday, 10 August 2014

'All of me, loves all of you...'

Review: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

I picked up this book when I was feeling like I wanted to read a good love story; nothing cheesy or dramatic, nothing dangerous or life threatening. Just something real, and something true. And boy, was this the book for that. It follows two teens, Eleanor and Park, at high school in 80s America, and their slow-burner of a relationship, which is cute as hell. Their home lives are troubled and often stand in the way of their love, as does the troublesome strata of high school. However as their relationship develops it becomes something sacred to the both of them. This was a lovely book: the beautiful and the heartbreaking almost balance out, making you just feel all fuzzy and warm when you're reading and even when you're done. I would recommend this to anybody, of any age, despite it being YA fiction. It's an honest portrayal of a young relationship, with all its flaws and troubles and incompatabilities. You would never put Eleanor and Park together, they are definitely not predictable, but they have that undeniable chemistry and zing that just fuels their relationship and the entire novel. The ending broke my heart and confused me terribly, but this meant that it served further towards making both Eleanor and Park seem like real characters, people you'd actually know. 

What was it about?
First love, and the sacrifices you make to keep it perfect in your head. 

Would I recommend?
Yes, wholly. 

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