Monday, 23 November 2015

Books I haven't read that I really should

We can't read everything. That's a fact. Even if as you work your way through your TBR there is more to be added in to it: new releases, books your friends have just read and loved, a book by that great author on the podcast you just listened to. But you know there are just some books you feel you need to read, and should have by now? Here are mine. 

Philip Pullman, Northern Lights- I haven't read any of the His Dark Materials books, which I feel is a travesty on my childhood. I can definitely remember starting it, but I don't know what ever happened to finishing it. I believe Jen Campbell is holding a read-along of all three in December because she re-reads them all every Christmastime (dedication, I think that they must be good), and I'm looking forward to losing myself in one of the greatest magical worlds ever created.

Jane Austen, Emma and Persuasion- I feel the need to complete Jane Austen's back catalogue. This are the last two of her novels that I haven't read and are next on my list. 

Daphne Du Marier, Rebecca-Another one I remember picking up but don't know why I didn't finish. And I'm sure I didn't finish, as I think it's quite a memorable one. Surely I need to read the book of which the opening lines I know off by heart?

Anything from J.K. Rowling (or Robert Galbraith) post-Potter- I admit, whilst I was a Harry Potter fan, I wasn't all that curious when Rowling came out with something new (I think first it was The Casual Vacancy). Who could ever recreate something like Potter? But the rave reviews of Rowling's detective series as Robert Galbraith have got me intrigued, and I'm going to try and reserve them at the library. 

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