Wednesday, 6 August 2014

'You push on me I'm gonna push back harder...'

I wonder how old you are when you find your voice, as a writer. Your genre, your style, your way. 

I'm reading a lot of YA at the moment so all I want to write is YA and little high school stories, but I didn't go to high school nor do I have a vivid dystopian imagination, so they're not very good. And the big problem: the biggest project I've been working on is so far from YA you wouldn't even be able to see the sign from that part of the bookstore. 

I read something set in Germany and I want to write something set in Germany. A book set over a hazy summer, and I am transported to a hazy summer. Maybe I am silly, maybe I am too young.

A book of malleable genres. Maybe that will work for me. 

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