Wednesday, 23 July 2014

'And I tried to run before, but I'm not running anymore...'

Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth (Spoiler Alert!)

It turns out I am actually hooked on this dystopian YA series. Who'd have thought it? 

Things I loved:
Tris and Four (Tobias? Four? What do we call him now?)'s relationship- I loved the flaws, the lack of communication, which only made it seem more real. To have a perfect relationship in the situations they are going through would be ridiculous. 
The ending- I think in a YA or a dystopian, or any popular series really, we're conditioned to expect a supernatural twist or something wacky and crazy, but this very human experiment was refreshing and therefore much more shocking than anything more outlandish could be. 
The pace of the plot- this seems to move much faster than the first book in the series, and is impeccably paced throughout, with plenty of peaks and troughs. 

Things I disliked:
The writing. Every time there's a page break Roth has to end on a dramatic flair; not even a cliffhanger, just a sentence which seems life changing or extremely emotional, just for drama's sake. I think maybe this is because Roth is trying to capture the melodrama of a 16 year old's mind, but it became annoying when I was reading, and I let out a small groan each time a section ended, when I'd rather be focused on racing onto the next part. 
Tris, at times. She is very aware of her own importance despite her protestations otherwise, and her arrogance made me grow to dislike her. 
Jeanine's death- I want to know why she did what she did, as it wasn't throughly explained. Why did she want to keep the population inside the fence, stuck in their factions? She's extremely clever and naturally curious, so this seems to go against her persona entirely. There has to be another reason. I'm looking forward to reading the third book to see if this is explained- what does Jeanine know about the outside world the others don't?
It also still bothers me that the inhabitants of the city still aren't seriously curious about what's outside of the fence. Come on, wouldn't at least one person be?

What was it about? Morals, making the right decisions.
Would I recommend? Yes. This was full of tension and suspense, I raced through the book much faster than I did the first one. Roth's best asset is her plot and its pacing, which she excels with here. I also enjoyed the hints towards the wider world and am eager to find out more. 

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